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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Institute of Transportation, MOTC Annual Research Presentation Week

  • Date:2018-05-29
  • Update:2019-10-29
  • Department:IOT

  The Institute of Transportation, MOTC held the annual research presentation week during May 21-24, 2018 (Monday to Thursday). Eight sessions will be convened in four days, including Road Safety Improvement Application, Improving the Efficiency and Fairness of Domestic Passenger and Cargo Transportation, Smart Transportation Technology Development and Innovative Application, Transportation Planning and Evaluation Tool, Development of New Technology and Application on Public Road Disaster Prevention, Application of Harbor Environment Information to Aviation Safety and Maintenance Management, Innovative Developments in Application Tools Supporting Decision Making Processes in Marine and Air Transportation, Response of Transportation Department to Climate Change. Furthermore, 40 experts from the industry, government and academe will also be invited to the forums.

  For a long time, the Institute of Transportation, MOTC has played the role of an MOTC think tank, assisting the MOTC to formulate policies, coordinate transportation decisions and execute related projects. It also acts as a communication platform of transportation across the industry, government and academe. Besides responding to intrinsic and extrinsic environmental changes, it also combines innovation with professional thinking to pro-actively implement researches pertinent to transportation systems. In addition, it will continue to conduct relevant researches and provide professional opinions that are in line with MOTC’s policy guidelines.

  For this presentation week, besides an emphasis on the field of transportation, other disciplines will also be incorporated in response to technological innovation and environmental changes, including: information and communication technology, medical care, social welfare, public health and environmental protection. The aim is to expand the scope of application for the research outcomes through this presentation week, thereby inspiring future research topics.

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