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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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The Co-creation of International Business opportunities for the Drone Industry through Cooperation between MOTC and UAS Taiwan

  • Date:2022-03-23
  • Update:2023-02-16
  • Department:IOT

The Establishment of the UAS to Guide Domestic Drone Technology Industry Development

Gathering the industry-government-academia-research momentum of the drone industrial chain, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, R.O.C. (MOTC) held the “UAS Taiwan Founding Ceremony and International Forum” today (March 23rd) at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. It is expected to guide the development of the domestic drone technology industry, create the cluster effect, and foster domestic and foreign business opportunities. Minister Wang Kwo-Tsai of MOTC was personally present to address the event. It is hoped that the convergence of industry-government-academic-research momentum can enable the drone industry to achieve co-prosperity and connect to the world.

At the UAS Taiwan Founding Ceremony, the guests present included: Minister Wang Kwo-Tsai of MOTC, Convener Wu Meng-Fen of UAS Taiwan, Chairman Li Chun-Hsien of THI Consultants Inc., Deputy Director General Chang Yung-Mei of Taipei Computer Association, Science and Technology Advisor Lin Hsien-Yi of DoIT Ministry of Economic Affairs, Division Director Chiang Chen-Wei of Chiayi County Government, Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program Supervisor Chiu Tsu-Hsiang of Aeronautical Systems Research Division, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology, Chairman Luo Cheng-Fang of GEOSAT Aerospace & Technology Inc., Director General Lin Chi-Kuo of Institute of Transportation, MOTC, Director General Lin Kuo Shian of Civil Aeronautics Administration, MOTC, Director He Hsu-Ping of Department of Navigation and Aviation, MOTC, Director General Wang Mu-Heng of Office of Science and Technology Advisors, MOTC, and representatives from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Chiayi County Government, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology, Industrial Technology Research Institute, and the Metal Industries Research & Development Center. This demonstrates the determination to promote the UAS Taiwan through industry-government-academia-research collaboration. Flourishing developments in Taiwan’s drone industry can be anticipated. Additionally, Executive Vice President Yasuhiro Senda of JUIDA (Japan UAS Industrial Development Association) congratulated UAS Taiwan on its founding via video conferencing. We look forward to more exchange and cooperation opportunities in the drone industries of Taiwan and Japan.

The function of UAS Taiwan includes: Bridging communication between the government and the industries, promoting resource integration and industrial cooperation, promoting international exchanges, and assisting the public sector in implementing the development strategies for the drone technology industry. We hope domestic drone-related supply chain operators will join to bring industrial momentum into full play, seek drone industry and international exchange and cooperation opportunities for Taiwan, thereby expanding global business opportunities together.

Representative companies from Germany, Japan, and Singapore attended the international forum

In addition, in order to promote drone industry exchanges, the International Forum on the Development of UAS was also held today (23rd). Drone Industry Insight German lecturers, JUIDA Japanese lecturers, Volocopter Singaporean lecturers, and domestic experts and scholars engaged in in-depth discussions on drone industry development through drone-related “international trends”, “field cooperation”, “Future development”, and other issues. Through international exchanges and cooperation, UAS Taiwan’s visibility can be enhanced, which will aid in connecting to the world.

MOTC bridges communication with the industries to jointly promote drone industry development.

Committed to drone talent cultivation, the MOTC will continue to hold the 2nd Navigation Cup -Drone Creative Application Contest and Drone Integration Demonstration Plan, hoping to attract more innovative talents and inject R&D technologies into the industry. At the same time, in order to gather inter-ministerial resources, the MOTC and the MOEA have applied for R&D and application plans at the Office of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan. The drone development focuses are the “patrol type” and the “transport and supply type”. Corporate bodies and operators are welcome to jointly engage in technological R&D and promote drone industry developments through public-private partnerships.


Figure 1 Minster Wang Kwo-Tsai addressing the event


Figure 2 UAS Taiwan Founding Ceremony


Figure 3 Group photograph



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