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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Promoting Climate Change Adaptation Education in Transportation Systems; Strengthening the Construction of Adaptation Capabilities

  • Date:2021-10-06
  • Update:2024-01-31
  • Department:Transportation Energy and Environment Division

       The Institute of Transportation, MOTC conducted the adaptation education course “the transportation system in response to climate change adaptation strategies and promotion recommendations” today (September 30) where climate change trends, responses to global warming, Taiwan’s adaptation strategy planning, promotion work and other professional adaptation knowledge and the latest international adaptation related information were shared. It is expected that through adaptation talent cultivation, assistance can be offered to the respective transportation system facility management agencies (institutions) to promote adaptation action undertakings and reduce the effects of the impact of climate change on the transportation systems.

        Global warming has led to intensified and more frequent extreme weather events. Events that caused an impact on Taiwan’s transportation systems in the past such as intensified extreme rainfall that resulted in bridge foundation erosion and road slope collapses that cut off roads, high temperatures causing track buckling and affecting running train safety, strong typhoons with accompanying strong winds that destroy airport fence facility and affecting flight safety, sea ports damaged by storm tides affecting port facilities, shipping, etc. All of them are indications of obvious threats of climate change on transportation system safety and operational stability.

       In response to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the educational training course was commenced via online video conferencing. As the course content involves highway, railway and sea and air transportation systems, benefited by the convenience of the internet, more agency (institution) employees were attracted to attend the course. These agencies (institutions) included 11 units: The Institute of Transportation, MOTC, the Central Weather Bureau, the Directorate General of Highways, MOTC, the Freeway Bureau, MOTC, the Taiwan Railway, the Maritime Port Bureau, MOTC, the Taiwan High Speed Rail, the Taoyuan International Airport and the Taiwan international Ports Corporation, Ltd., with the enthusiastic participation of more than 30 employees. The dissemination of adaptation-related professional knowledge was accelerated, thereby eliciting more discussions on the practical sides. In terms of future promotions of adaptation undertakings by MOTC subordinate agencies (institution), more active practices are expected to be initiated.

Transportation system adaptation objectives and four major strategies

Transportation system adaptation objectives and four major strategies


23Snap shots of online adaptation education training course activities


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