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"Taiwan Bike" Web Portal - Riders welcome to make more use of it

  • Date:2021-07-29
  • Update:2024-01-31
  • Department:Transportation Planning and Land Transport Division

        The trend of riding bike in our country has become more and more popular. In order to allow the national bike route network related construction to be more complete, and provide a friendlier riding environment for riders, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications has completed the "Taiwan Bike" Web Portal in accordance with the instructions of the Executive Yuan. (Website: In addition to integrating the basic bike route information of the Construction and Planning Agency, and providing application information query functions for the convenience of riders to query the required information before and during the trip, a mailbox was set up to collect improvement suggestions of all route sections from the riders as the basis of making improvement by the responsible units. The website has been officially on line on May 5, 2021, and riders are welcome to make more use of it.

        This website upholds to three principles of "Bike Route Connected to Internet", "Information Open and Transparency" and "Information Exchange" to provide: 1. Bike Route Query; 2. Biking-related Activity Information; 3. Riding Reminders; 4. Biking-related Website Links; 5. Q&A; 6. Feedback, and the related functions are described as follows:

        Bike Route Query: Integrate the information related to bike lanes around the country, including the information of bike lane name, length, type (bike only lanes, bike and pedestrian lanes, slow traffic lanes and mixed traffic lanes) to provide the public with reference for biking tourism planning.
Biking-related Activity Information: Integrate the content of important biking activities to encourage the public to actively participate in order to increase the popularity of bike use.
Riding Reminders: In order to ensure that all riders can understand the correct way of riding bikes, practical riding safety knowledge is provided for the riders to use.
        Biking-related Website Links: Integrate the biking-related websites of the Central Government Ministries and Agencies, County and City governments, as well as private organizations such as Bicycle Organizations, Travel Agency Packaged Trips and other tourism information, so that people can quickly link to relevant websites and easily obtain required travel information.
Q&A: Organize a collection of frequently asked questions on biking-related websites across the country, and solve the questions of riders in real time.
Feedbacks: The information feedback from the public is used as an important basis for the improvement of biking-related software and hardware to make biking-related construction more perfect.

        The "Taiwan Bike" Web Portal provides convenient information services for the public, and is combined with the feedback of riders at the same time to find out where the bike lanes and related information that required to be improved through participation of all people, and for the authority and responsible units to respond and improve, expecting to create a safer and friendlier bike riding environment and a better bike riding culture for the public, making Taiwan a biking tourism paradise, and achieve the goal of becoming a major bike riding country as soon as possible.


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