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Project Status

Subject Advanced Traffic Management and Innovative Application on Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (2/4)

  The Executive Yuan Ministry of Science and Technology convened the Department of Transportation and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and set up the Telematics Promotion Office (TPO) since 2009, coordinating ministries and departments to promote related infrastructure of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Meanwhile, taking advanced information, communication, electronics and control technique to fully implement the ITS environment and continuously promote the sustainable development of ITS.

  The project will aim at providing services of traffic information, traffic safety, traffic management and energy conservation in Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) of ITS through planning, designing, and implementing the software and hardware, and constructing VII application laboratory for further development. The project is expected to have a static and dynamin traffic guidance application as a service of traffic information, Road Hazard Warning (RHS) as a service of traffic safety, Speed Harmonization application as a service of traffic management and Eco-driving based on Signal Phase & Timing (SPaT) in the testing field included a highway road and four continuous intersections at a surface road. The project results in accordance with the current traffic management and information service operations will provide a basis of subsequent ITS projects for testing and verification.

Category Information Systems Division
Process Completed preliminary report
Post date 2019-02-27
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