Substantial Transportation - Looking toward the future.
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Organization and Functions
1. Organization and Human Resources

The Institute of Transportation comprises seven divisions and a Secretariat, a Personnel Office, and an Accounting Office. The seven divisions include Planning, Engineering, Operations and Management, Safety, Information Systems, Interdisciplinary Research and the Harbor and Marine Technology Center.

      According to the organization act of IOT, the total authorized staff is 177 and the budgetary staff is 164. In addition, there are 4 contracted research employees and 25 technicians and office workers.

2. Functions

According to Article 2 of the organization act of IOT, the missions of IOT are as follows:

  • Studying transportation policies and providing suggestions
  • Coordinating planning, evaluation and project programming of transportation systems
  • Studying the interrelationships among transportation development, political functions, socio-economic activities, and national defense
  • Designing, researching and developing transportation engineering systems
  • Studying the efficiency of transportation systems operation and management
  • Studying and planning of transportation safety
  • Applications of transportation research findings and guidance
  • Liaison and cooperation of local and foreign transportation research
  • Collection, compilation, translation and dissemination of transportation information
  • Studying harbor and marine technologies and providing suggestions
  • Other matters related to transportation research
3. Organization Framework Organization framework