Substantial Transportation - Looking toward the future.
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  In recent years, with the rapid changes and developments of the external factors of environmental protection and information technology, the public not only demands greater “transportation capacity” but also seeks higher expectation in the improvement of “service quality”. Therefore, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) needs to promote its businesses in a more innovative and perspective manner for planning and providing services in order to overcome various obstacles and challenges.

  This Institute acts as an important think-tank for the MOTC and is responsible for assisting the MOTC in the stipulation of policies, collaborating and coordinating transportation decisions and plan executions, supporting all levels of transportation administrative technologies and innovative research as well as being in charge of tasks of communication among various transportation industries, officials and scholars across various fields. Since taking up the position, I have vigorously encouraged the staff to share my vision of “professional leadership, pursuit of excellence” as a consensus among the team along with the three level research of “policy, perspective, foundation” as the guideline for innovative thinking and strengthening of professional skills.

  Transportation construction and development need to incorporate the factors of continuity and innovativeness therein. Reflecting back on the previous year, this Institute has successfully achieved major accomplishments in the promotion of the planning and construction of the first national bicycle track - Cycling Route No. 1, completion of overall planning for commercial ports in our nation, road traffic order and traffic safety improvement solution, promotion of the setup of national regional transportation development and research center, receiving the ESCI gold medal from APEC smart energy society for the Sun Moon Lake low-carbon tourism achievement, assisting the MOTC in the planning of carbon reduction path and carbon reduction strategy for transportation department, promoting Taiwan green harbor and receiving EU certification etc. All of the above demonstrates that this Institute is more than a think-tank of the MOTC but is also responsible for important missions including the transportation fundamental researches of our nation, perspective technology researches and development as well as supports on transportation policy planning etc. 

  Looking ahead to the future, we will promote the restructuring of the government organization, and the organization and function of this Institute will be adjusted in corporation with the transportation and construction departments. In addition to continuously enhancing the abilities in major policy research and decision support, we will also follow the development of the international trend, apply information technology in development of smart transportation service, strengthen the transportation safety researches and the planning ability in marine and aerial transportations in order to lead the transpiration administrative implementations and technology innovation developments; thereby, establishing a solid foundation for the development of transportation with excellent quality in our nation.